PRODUCT RETURN POLICY, as well as those third parties that use the portal ( to market products, offer their customers the possibility to retract the purchase during the first 5 business days after the delivery of the product. The retractions mentioned above must be requested through the Web page. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal the consumer must comply with general conditions. When a product has specific conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal, this will be specified in the characteristics of the product. After making the retraction in page will have maximum 48 working hours to send the reverse logistics guide for the return of product, if this is not sent within the first 5 calendar days after the guide is sent it will be understood that the client wishes to cancel the retraction GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR A RETRACT The product must not be damaged or damaged by the corresponding actions of the customers. The product must have labels, sales invoice, accessories and packaging. originals (including manuals, usage guides, warranty certificates, etc.). The product should not show signs of wear, dirt or wear. The product must not have more than FIVE (5) business days of delivery. The product purchased must not be perishable, for personal or intimate use.



As a general rule, the customer must approach a DHL point with the guide sent by to proceed to return the product. When the product exceeds 20 kg, its collection will be made directly at the place where the product was delivered. The personnel in charge of the collection of the product is not empowered to disassemble or manipulate the product, its only function will be to collect it. If the product is not packaged in its original packaging, the collection will not proceed.